What would you rather have more of:  Ideas or Customers?  

Two Sparks marketing focuses on connecting businesses with customers.   

Coming up with new products and services is fun.  Refining the concept, building the business model, and planning a launch are exciting.  

Getting customers is hard.  

Two Sparks brings effectual thinking to traditional marketing.  Our customer focused approach can be integrated with your existing marketing strategy or incubated separately for product testing.  Our team of experts have helped companies drive new initiatives through:  

  • Consumer Research
  • Value Proposition Refinement
  • Branding & Positioning
  • Customer Acquisition Modeling
  • Lemonade Stands and A/B Testing
  • Marketing Communications


Our team is communicating our ideas better since we all share the language of Two Sparks.
— Steve G., Director, National Non Profit

We work with groups who are bringing new ideas, products, services, processes, or new business models into the world.

Two Sparks recognizes that there is power in bringing people together.  

Our strategies are driven by interactions between your team and the customer.

Our successes are based on commitments by your stakeholders to use your process, to partner to grow your idea, or to purchase your product / service.  


Stop wasting time guessing who your customer might be.  

With Two Sparks, you can start communicating directly with who your customer actually is.