Two Sparks - Building Ventures from the Inside Out


Who are we?  Two Sparks is an innovation and marketing agency. We help your business come up with a growth plan and execute on it. 


We Turn assets to action.



Who We help

  • Businesses wanting to convert design thinking ideas into real-world successes
  • Managers looking to create new opportunities for their organizations
  • Organizations seeking to expand into new markets outside of their core

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why Choose Us

  • Expertise.  Our methods are grounded in social science research.    
  • Experience.  Our people have both corporate and entrepreneurial experience.  
  • Empowerment.  Our insights, delivered through stories, frameworks, and exercises that engage and enthuse teams, are immediately relevant and actionable.  

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  • A packaged goods company structured a groundbreaking deal with a contract partner to convert an R&D "mistake" into a new product.
  • A global financial services company found an innovative way to tap into a new customer segment.
  • An automotive company uncovered a new brand positioning based on existing assets.
  • A national education organization found new sources of funding when faced with budget cuts.





  • The What:  We facilitate workshops that help teams determine which new idea they should bring to market.  Whether you have tons of ideas or none -- our method will lead you to a successful action plan.
  • The How:  The method we use is based on effectuation -- the scientific theory of how successful entrepreneurs create new markets.  We offer workshops ranging from 3 hours to 2 days.  They're fun, engaging, and tailored to your company's needs.  
  • The Why:  Losing market share to start ups or innovative organizations?  Need to find new ways to grow?  Learn how you can increase your upside and limit your downside risk.